UV Frühling im Theater Konstanz

September 21, 2008

Bühnenmalerei mit UV-aktiver Farbe. So wird aus bitterkaltem Wwwwwinter mit ein wenig Schwarzlicht ein warmer Frühlingstag. Und plötzlich frieren die Kinder im Zuschauerraum nicht mehr…

Work&Travel Canada

März 22, 2008

In Kitchener, Ontario in Canada I could make a company agree on having my mural on their wall. As design fitting to the trait „innovative“ I decided on this hummingbird coming to life, starting out as a scribble. It’s been my first design ever, shortly after I finished school. Today though, I’d definitely realize it differently… I still fancy to do a swap with any scenic painter around the world. If you read this, say hello!